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 Originally Written: March 2, 2009

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Welcome to the new and improved Mama Knows! We’ve worked hard to get the new website up and running, we’ll be updating it daily with the best in cooking tips, parenting advice, investment advice plus special features on how you can set up your very own profitable eBay store.

Mama Knows is a social network for women of all ages to network, connect, trade secrets and pass along knowledge. Thanks for visiting and please Register and Participate today!

You will be  invited to ask questions about what interests you, find great recipes for even the simpler things, find out how to plan a great special event and make things you never thought you could!

Here is a small example – stepping stones for your garden, that you can very easily and inexpensively make yourself!

I didn’t think could do it, but couple years ago I was looking for some nice stepping stones for my garden and I found out that the ones available on the market had couple things in common – they were either a bad quality or tacky design, or they were way too expensive. Take a look at a few samples of what I made and I guarantee you that you will be able to make your own very quickly – send me a note and I will send you the “recipe”!

Stepping stone - Dragonfly design
Stepping stone - Dragonfly design
Stepping stone - Sea Crabs design
Stepping stone - Sea Crabs design
Stepping stone - Tropical Fish design
Stepping stone - Tropical Fish design
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  • Thanks Donna! I really appreciate your kind words and we are working on the site daily – it will have a lot more info and interesting stuff – so keep checking it regularly!

  • Hanna,

    I love your website! I will be sure to let my daughter and daughter in law, and all my “mom” and “nana” friends know about it!

    Donna 🙂

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