Top Five Tips for making the Perfect Homemade Pizza 

 Originally Written: April 17, 2009

By  Hanna Trafford

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Top Five Tips for making the Perfect Homemade Pizza:

1. Assemble your pizza pie on order:

Sauce, Cheese, Toppings, More cheese if you desire or

Oil, Cheese, Toppings, Cheese, Oil

Remember that you don’t need to drown your pizza in sauce – I recommend maximum of 1/ cup of sauce. Spread it using a large spoon or if you are using oil insteaad of pizza, apply that with a pastry brush and drizzle little more over the pizza after you have put all your toppings on.

2.Spread sauce, oil and toppings only within the rim of the crust:

Never cover your pizza dough all the way to the edge

3. All ingredients you are using need to finish cooking at the same time:

If you need to, pre-cook toppings that take longer to cook – like peppers. Also – pre-cook ingredients that tend to be watery – like eggplant or mushrooms. And make sure that whatever ingredients you pre-cook, you also let cool down before putting them on your pizza – hot or warm ingredinets will ruin your pizza dough!

4.Less in more:

Avoid putting absolutely everything you can think of on your pizza. It will actually taste better if you use 3-4 well chosen toppings. There is always an exception as there is to just about to every rule. Personally – there are times I really enjoy totally loaded pizza – just be careful to pre-cook and use ingredients that actually taste good together!

5.Bake you pizza in a very hot oven:

A 500F oven is perfect! Lower temperature is kind of OK if you oven doesn’t go that high – just cook your pizza a little longer. The kind of pizza you may have enjoyed in a restaurant or a specialty pizza place is  cooked on a pizza stone – and thaqt is the only way I would recommend that you cook your pizza as well!

For Authentic Italian pizza recipes, click on the link below:

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