Easter Brunch for 12 – Recipe #1-Pineapple-Orange Punch

orange-pineapple-punch1Sweet and refreshing, this punch is always well received. You can strain it to have liquids only to serve, or you can leave pineapple chunks to get a few into each glass.You can also make this punch a bit more festive by substituting half the gingerale with champagne!I like serving it in individual glasses and leaving the punch bowl with remaining punch on the serving table for guests to get their own refills.You can dress it up by placing a maraschino cherry on toothpick into each glass,placing orange slice on the rim or creating a fruit stick by alternately placing cherries, pineapple chunks and orange pieces on a thin wooden skewer.

Pineapple-Orange Punch

2 cans of frozen orange juice

8 oz. of real lemon juice

2 quarts of gingerale

2 cans of pineapple chunks

Marashino cherries

Combine all ingredients, adding the gingerale last (you don’t want to loose all the fizzle) When adding the pineapple from can,s just empty the entire can into the punch – the juice will be a great addition!

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