Fussy Baby Tips – Sleeping and Teething 

 Originally Written: October 14, 2009

By  Nicole Nedelko

Last Updated on October 14, 2009 by Hanna Trafford

Fussy Baby TipsAs a new mom I am quickly learning that infants go through a lot of different stages in their little lives, and each new phase is an adventure! These phases generally start with very fussy days until you figure out what your baby needs.

Currently my 5-½ month old, Jaxson, is changing his sleeping habits, starting to teeth and being weaned off breast-feeding, and it is not making for a happy camper! I’ll clue you into little hints that I’ve come to learn for myself.

It seems sleeping habits change frequently, around every 2-3 weeks. My son was taking a 15-20 minute nap at around 6:30pm and then going to sleep at 9pm, but now it seems he has decided to forego his nap and head straight to bed at 8pm. I believe this is because the seasons are changing and so it’s getting darker earlier.

The first few days I tried making him take his late nap and then keep him up until his regular 9pm bedtime. I found this just had me dealing with a very cranky baby for that last hour and a half before bed.

Mommy’s Tip: Let them sleep when they’re tired and then deal with whatever that means for later in the night/morning. The faster you learn this the easier their transition into the new phase will be – for both of you! I’ve been trying to hold onto some semblance of a schedule since he was born, and I’m realizing it’s just not up to me anymore!

Jaxson has been showing signs of teething for almost two months now, the incessant drooling, sticking everything he can get his hands on into his mouth, and rubbing his gums a lot. So far, no teeth and a sometimes very upset little man.

Mommy’s Tip: Teething rings or pacifiers that you store in the fridge come in handy to help soothe their sore gums. Gripe water helps take the edge off for this and several other annoyances such as hiccups and upset tummy. And finally rub their gums with your finger or knuckle, Jax LOVES this!

Some Mom’s won’t notice much fussiness during this time, but other “lucky” mom’s (like me!) can use all the help they can get!

Weaning off the breast milk hasn’t been too much of a chore. I’ve been taking away one feeding about every two weeks, and substituting it with a bottle of formula.

The only thing I’ve noticed to be a challenge is my son likes to snack, and it’s not so easy to quickly prepare a small bottle, which he’ll eat about an ounce of, as it is to just feed him your self.

Waiting for that bottle to warm up can seem like the longest 2 minutes of your life!

Nicole Nedelko

Nicole Nedelko is a happy if not frazzled mother. She spends her days raising her 4 children, writing about her experiences as a first time mother and raising her other "child" Dan. She lives in beautiful Cambridge, Ontario and writes about being a woman, mom, and wife.

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