How to Use Kale 

 Originally Written: March 5, 2014

By  Hanna Trafford

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SONY DSCKale is a very versatile leafy green that has a well-deserved reputation as a superfood. It is loaded with fibre and will aid in lowering cholesterol. It is also full of vitamin K, which is great for bone health and vitamin A that will  help strengthen bones, eyes and teeth.

Here are a few recipes that will help you in figuring out just what to do with this superfood:

Kale Smoothie:


  • Puree together a cup of each: steamed kale and ice cubes, half of chopped and peeled apple, a banana and few generous splashes of almond milk until smooth and frosty.

Kale Chips:


  • Toss together about 6 cups of torn, steamed kale, a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of each salt and sweet paprika.
  • Bake in a single layer on parchment paper lined baking sheets and 350F until chips are crispy and dark green.

Marinated Kale Salad:


  • Steam and chop a bunch of kale.
  • Toss it with small handful of chopped dried cherries and couple of spoonfuls each of olive oil, orange juice and honey.
  • Let stand for 1 hour, then sprinkle with toaster chopped hazelnuts.

Walnut Kale Pesto:

walnut pesto

  • Steam, chop and blanch bunch of kale then chill it in ice water.
  • Pat the kale dry.
  • In a food processor, pulse it together with a handful of each toasted chopped walnuts and grated Parmesan cheese and some chopped garlic.
  • Pulse in a few generous drizzles of olive oil, a couple of spoonfuls of lemon juice and a pinch of each salt and pepper until smooth.

Lemony Kale:

lemony pesto


  • Cook garlic slices in a little olive oil until fragrant.
  • Stir in 6 cups of torn, steamed kale.
  • Cook until slightly wilted and dark green.
  • Stir in a squeeze of lemon juice and pinch of each salt and pepper.

Hope you will enjoy this information – please send me your comments, your input is always welcomed and very much appreciated.


Hanna Trafford

Hanna is the mother of two grown sons Dan and Dusan Nedelko, and is also the Grandmother to Jax, Cohen and Mila. She is the lead editor of Mama Knows and is hoping to create an exchange of communications with other grandmothers, mothers and daughters - giving everyone the opportunity to learn and share about everything that is "Mama"

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