Additional Injuries Prompt JAKKS Pacific to Reannounce Recall of Spa Factory Aromatherapy Kits Due to Explosion and Projectile Hazards 

 Originally Written: October 15, 2010

By  support_b8i621vg

Last Updated on October 15, 2010 by support_b8i621vg

Pressure from the buildup of carbon dioxide in the jars of Bath Bombs/Balls or Bath Fizzies that come with the kits can cause the unvented lids to blow off, posing explosion and projectile hazards. The flying pieces also can cause property damage. Additionally, the mixture of water with the Bath Bombs/Balls or Bath Fizzies can create citric acid. This acid can get into consumers’ eyes when the jars explode, posing a risk of eye irritation.


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