My Gardening Update 

 Originally Written: August 8, 2011

By  Hanna Trafford

Last time I posted pictures and a story about my efforts to build a little rock garden alongside a walkway, the response and interest was great! I go into my garden every single day – and not just once. It has become my special relaxation place, even though I don’t just sit there. There is always something to do – pick dead flowers, fix up mulch, add this there and that over there…. And I am loving it!

I went out early this morning – the sun was shining, birds were signing and other than that, it was very quiet. What a way to nejoy the first fresh cup of coffee! And no – I didn’t bake muffins before I went out, it was way too nice outside.

Here are some pictures I took this morning:

This is a photo of side of my house - the walkway constructed from slate stones I found at a garage sale and the finished little rock garden I built beside it. The entrance to the open garden is a grapevine trailing over a wooden trellis the David made. The entire cost of this section was under $200

I am going to include here 2 pictures of my little themed rock garden – if you want to see the progress photos, they are at this link:

How to Build a Rock Garden

I used large rocks I collected while visiting Northern Ontario, added some interesting little lizards and faces from local dollar store and small plants - just a little more than rocks and the mulch keeps everything nice a clean. I didn't want to use small rocks between plants, because the rock garden is on a slope and I didn't want them falling onto the walkway.
That awesome half face is my favourite - and yes - it was a garage sale find! As a last step, I added solar lights - they were on special at Canadian Tire for $19.99 for 10 of them!

Here you can check out how the rest of my oasis looks – as I mentioned in my previous stories – I wanted to create a garden that would return every year – well, at least 80% of it, so all I have to do is add a few annuals for extra colours. Most of my gardening is done by trial and error so don’t be afraid to try whatever you think you would like to have in your garden – it ultimately works just fine!

I have two of these low chairs on side of the pool - they are very old - I figure about 20 years - but hold up nicely and are great to do a little sun-tanning after a dip
I am not sure what that gorgeous deep burgundy bush is called - I liked the look of it what I bought it about 5 years ago. It adds great colour to the flower bed (it also has thorns so I don't trim it much) The Black-Eyed Susans are just starting to bloom, so the colour contrast is great!
We used to have a gazebo on this deck,. but after the second canvas got torn in a wind storm, we decided to just add a railing and use an umbrella over the table for shade. And this is an example how my garden is a continuous work in progress - I am working on figuring out how to best build steps from used bricks that were given to me. It will work eventually - I am sure!
Is this not spectacular? We put a trelis and front right side of the deck and I added this beauty. It looks tropical and grows like crazy - you gotta love it!

Walking out of the garden is as pretty as walking in – here you can see what it looks like in the opposite direction from the first photo.

Our house has a side walkout, so it was important to create an enjoyable walk to the garden - and I think I did it! The steps from the house are at the end of the walkway and we put a little bistro table with 2 chairs at the bottom of the steps - great place to have a morning coffee, because this is the east side of the house is here and on a sunny morning..... no more words needed here


You can probably tell by now that I have a real passion for my garden – it is not big, it has a lot of less than perfect spots, but it is great to see results of your work – trust me!

Send me your comments, suggestions and if you can – your pictures, I love getting your input!


Hanna Trafford

Hanna is the mother of two grown sons Dan and Dusan Nedelko, and is also the Grandmother to Jax, Cohen and Mila. She is the lead editor of Mama Knows and is hoping to create an exchange of communications with other grandmothers, mothers and daughters - giving everyone the opportunity to learn and share about everything that is "Mama"

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