Just in Time For Mother’s Day 

 Originally Written: April 21, 2017

By  Hanna Trafford

Last Updated on May 8, 2018 by Hanna Trafford

The things your mother – and my mother for that matter used to say may or may not all be the truth. Did you ever wonder about that? I really was never quite sure if it was OK to go out with wet hair or not or if holding my breath would really cure me of hiccups. Now I am a grandmother – so I don’t have to say things like my mom said to me – and if you want to know what being a grandmother means to me, just click on the link.

You are probably thinking that I kind of missed a generation – and you are right. Did I say things that my mom said to me to my boys? I have to admit that I did – at least one of them.

 The Canadian Living magazine did find some answers and I thought the information was interesting enough to share:

“Hold your breath to get rid of your hiccups”

That is true. There have always been a good number of suggestions on how to cure this annoying thing, caused by spasms of your diaphragm. It was suggested to quickly drink cold water or standing on your head. But apparently holding your breath really does work.

“Don’t go outside with wet hair, you will catch a cold”

That statement is not true. Simply because being cold will not actually cause you to catch a cold. You really need to come in contact with the virus first – so apparently you could roll around naked in the snow and you would not catch a cold

 “Drinking coffee will stunt your growth”

That again is false. Coffee should definitely not be given to youngsters simply because of the effects caffeine has on the heart rate, increased anxiety, possible stomach aches and difficulty to sleep. I think those are reasons enough

 “Don’t sit on a cold surface, it will give you haemorrhoids”

Another false one. That is because the true cause for getting those very uncomfortable haemorrhoids is straining, which causes the lining of the intestines to be forced out. Constipation and childbirth are common causes -not sitting on a cold surface

 ” Don’t sit too close to the TV, it will ruin your eyes”

Another false one – apparently children have an amazing ability to adapt to blurred vision without experiencing eye strain. That as I’d, if you are noticing that your child is sitting too close to the TV all the time, it may be a sign that checks up with the optometrist and possibly a pair of glasses is needed.

 “Stay out of the shower during a thunderstorm

Personally, I don’t recall my mom saying that one, but if yours did, she was right. While showers do not actually attract lightning, if it does strike the plumbing system, it can be conducted into the tub or shower.

“Drink your milk if you want strong bones”

Oh yes -this one is definitely true. It’s calcium and some good protein that milk will give you. In short, if you are not getting enough calcium, your body will take it out of your bones.

There are a lot more saying moms have – and some definitely deserve translation. Check out:

Mother’s Day Wisdom – and have a good laugh!

On that note – mom was right about a lot of things and showing love and appreciation on Mother’s Day (and every other day as well) is definitely the right thing to do!

Happy Mother’s Day and lots of love to all wonderful moms out there!

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Hanna Trafford

Hanna is the mother of two grown sons Dan and Dusan Nedelko, and is also the Grandmother to Jax, Cohen and Mila. She is the lead editor of Mama Knows and is hoping to create an exchange of communications with other grandmothers, mothers and daughters - giving everyone the opportunity to learn and share about everything that is "Mama"

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